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Company: A training center, high school and kindergarten In Sanya 

Position: FIVE foreign teachers

Request:  HAVE a Bachelors degree and at least 2 YEARS teaching experience. TEFL/TESOL is preferred but not necessary. For the training center you don’t need to have 1 year teaching experience. 

Salary:   13-22K per month with a FREE modern apartment. Teachers will receive 4 weeks paid holiday including Christmas and New years off. Upon completion of a one year contract, the teacher will also receive a big bonus. 

Work time: Working days for the training school are Tuesday to Saturday (Sun and Mon off) with 30 working hours per week. Working days for the kindergarten and high school are Monday - Friday (Sat and Sun off) from 8:30 am - 7pm Students are aged 6-14  and 13-19 years old with up to 8 (training school) and  20 (Kindergarten/ high school) kids per class. 

Contact Stork Jobs on wechat: SCOAUN 


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  • jeff2018-10-13 22:35:56
    when was this posted? there's no way to know if this job offerings still exist?
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